random facts about me

I’m 18. Legally, an adult, but I still have my childish moments.

I’m weird. Not in that crazy-psycho-killer way, but in that I-think-a-little-differently-than-some-people way.
I cry…a lot. Never in front of people, though.
I keep my guard up most of the time because I hate feeling vulnerable.
There are very few people that I think truly get me, if any.
I’ve been hurt many times because I trust people too easily.
I’m afraid of commitment, but I love trying new things.
I love challenging myself.
I love change.
I hate routine and I get stir-crazy if I’m in one place for too long.
I like meeting new people, but I also enjoy catching up with old friends.
I’m very decisive; once I set my mind on something, it takes a lot for me to change it.
The people in my life let me down often, so I usually just rely on myself.
I’m independent, but I’d love it if I found someone I could depend on.
I’m always worrying and over-thinking things.
I love parties.
I like drinking, dancing, and making art.
I’m not that talented, but I give it my all in everything I do.
I’m a girly girl and I enjoy it.
I love shopping; I am a firm believer in retail therapy.
I’m not stupid, despite what many people think.
Just because I took Arts courses instead of Science courses does not make me unintelligent.
Just because I’m a Fashion major does not mean I’m any less smart than an English major.
Some people may know scientists and famous professors, I know designers, models, and colour palattes. And while these things may not matter to some, they do matter to others.
I don’t like pants.
I like dresses.
I love classic rock and indie music.
I love my cat and I don’t care if you think I’m a loser for saying that. Screw you, she’s fucking adorable.
I curse a lot out of habit.
I like drinking tea and going for walks.
I love the beach.
I like to try everything once.
Sometimes, I wish I were a gypsy, just traveling from place to place with no destination in mind.
I have a lot of friends, but only a few good and true friends.
I’m an only child.
I laugh very often.
I am easily amused.
However, I am also easily unamused.
I feel empty sometimes, so I try to fill that void with music and friends and other things, but it never truly goes away.
I enjoy being on my own, but I dislike the lonliness that sometimes lingers with it.
I love children. Think what you want about this statement, but children get such a bad rep. Adults think they’re inferior and unaware of what is happening around them, but after years of babysitting, I’ve come to realize that they’re actually a lot smarter than people give them credit for. Plus, I totally admire their ability to find joy in the most mundane of things.
I like old films, and I do mean old. Not ’80s movies, more like ’50s and ’60s. I feel there was more substance and the films relied on plot and acting, as opposed to effects. I also love that they left things to the imagination. It’s more fun that way. And the way they kiss, it’s meaningful.
Speaking of kissing, I like that too. But not soft kisses, I like the deep, passionate ones.
I love my parents, which most people my age cannot say and that saddens me. But seriously, my parents are awesome people. That being said, do not assume that they never get on my nerves, because they do.
I like old photographs.
I like listening to records.
I like reading biographies and inspiring true stories more than fiction.
I’m not fat, but I love to eat.
I’m not skinny, either, and usually, I’m okay with it. But I have my days where all I want is to look like Kate Moss.
I love my long legs.
I like being barefoot.
I like getting dressed up.
I like going out for dinner.
I love live music.
I like picking flowers.
I always wear perfume, no matter where I’m going.
I love giving gifts to people.
I don’t like playing sports, but I’ll watch them if there’s cute boys involved.
I make mistakes a lot, but I always try to learn from them. Key word: TRY.
I’ve never been in love, but it sounds like a hell of a time.
I was raised Catholic, but I really don’t consider myself religious anymore. I’m more spiritual. I believe in God, I just hate the idea of organized religion and that I have to obey all of these rules in order to prove that I’m a good person. I’m kind to people, I give to charity, I pray, I meditate, I don’t kill or steal or rape or cheat, so I think I’m doing alright.
I’m usually a fairly honest and open person. I like to speak my mind.
I’m afraid of clowns.
I like baking; cooking, not so much.
If I could wear a dress and heels every day for the rest of my life, I probably would.
I like to question things.
I don’t like being told what to do.
I’m bored.
And that’s me.
Tell me about you :)

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